Tuesday, March 26, 2013


If you're not a romance writer, you probably have no clue what a career-launching event this day can be. But if you are, you probably know exactly what it's all about, and what it means. (You can read more about the awards on the RWA web site.)

If you're one of the giddy new finalists who just happened upon this post, we offer you MANY CONGRATS! on your extreme good fortune and invite you to post your fantabulous news in comments below so we can squee along with you. 

Please feel free to ask any questions about the whole head-spinning Golden Heart process. We've had our shot at tripping down the light-fantastic road and we'd love to share the wealth with anyone who's been struck by the powerful, career-bending force of nature that is the RWA Golden Heart Awards.

Here at Spacefreighters Lounge, we have a Golden Heart record we're very proud of. Pippa Jay, who is already a successful author, has never entered, but as a group we can proudly claim multiple nominations. Let me recap:

Golden Heart Final by Sharon Lynn Fisher for GHOST PLANET

Golden Heart Final by Sharon Lynn Fisher for SHADOWED (aka GHOST PLANET)

Golden Heart Final by Sharon Lynn Fisher for ECHO 8
Golden Heart Final by Laurie A. Green for P2PC
Golden Heart Final by Laurie A. Green for THE OUTER PLANETS
(Sharon Lynn Fisher became ineligible to enter due to the sale of GHOST PLANET)

Golden Heart Final by Donna S. Frelick for UNCHAINED MEMORY
Golden Heart Final by Donna S. Frelick for TROUBLE IN MIND
Golden Heart Final by Laurie A. Green for DRAXIS

So please join us in celebrating all the shiny new tiaras being handed out today, and if you're fortunate enough to be wearing one, be proud! Trust us, for an aspiring romance writer there's no experience on the planet that compares.

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  1. We're off and running! Just got word on the Ruby's site that the calls are going out.

    Waiting for word on those first few names...

  2. Woohoo! Got the first word on a finalist.

    CONGRATULATIONS to fellow Firebird (2012 Golden Heart finalist) Talia Quinn Daniels for What's Yours is Mine in the Single Title Contemporary category.

    Hurray, Talia!

  3. RWA has posted the finalists lists and we're staring to see some finalists names. How exciting.

    Oh! Could that be a SFR--Mind Sweeper by Amy Jones--in the Golden Heart Paranormal category?

  4. Just got the word that fellow Brigader, Starcatcher and Firebird Kay Hudson has finaled in the Golden Heart! She's in the paranormal category.

    Congratulations, Kay! So happy for you!

  5. Ohhhh! A RITA Nomination for Tracy Brogan's CRAZY LITTLE THING in Best First Book category.

    Read it. Loved it.

    Many congrats, Tracy!

  6. We have a MAJOR announcement!

    Co-blogger Sharon Lynn Fisher just let us know she ~~GOT THE CALL~~ for GHOST PLANET for the RITA Awards--Best First Book!


  7. Fellow Firebird Kim Law is also a RITA finalist for SUGAR SPRINGS, contemporary single title, Laurie. Firebird Joanne Lockyer is also back for another round this year for LAST LIGHT OF DUSK (Historical).

  8. Oh, I was in the middle of writing my post when that news came in about SHARON. Excuse me while I GO CRAZY!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

  9. Still going crazy here. YEHAWWWWWW! LOL

    I think this calls for a special post!

  10. ABSOLUTELY! In the meantime, I'm thinking maybe I won't be so alone in Atlanta after all! :)

  11. The Golden Heart finalists category is now complete with eight. Hmm, what do you think? Any SFR in there?

    Paranormal Romance Finalists

    "Dark Secret" by Mariah Ankenman

    "Demon's Bane" by India Powers

    "Guardian" by Tara Sheets

    "Jinn & Tonic" by Kay Hudson

    "Mind Sweeper" by Amy Jones

    "Sea Panther" by Dawn Wolzein

    "Shadows in the Deep" by Lark Howard

    "Unbroken" by Lea Ann Schafer

  12. @Donna You may not be. We'll see what happens!

  13. Congratulations to all the finalists!!! There are SO many of my Golden Heart finalist sisters in the lists this year.

    I was driving home from dropping my daughter at school when my phone rang. I had it sitting in one of those cradles for listening to your music on the radio, and I could see that it was a call from Texas.

    First thing I thought was, "don't answer before pulling over." So I did. Good job me. When the caller said, "This is Diane Kelly calling from RWA - " I interrupted her and said, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She laughed and said she had a present for me.

  14. LOLOL I can just picture that call, Sharon!

  15. Ha! Happy birthday, Sharon! This qualifies as the BEST BDAY PRESENT EVER!


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