Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pippa's Journal - 6/4/14


Just a quick one today as I'm still trying to catch up from a week on holiday. Yes, it was lovely. Relaxing, generally good weather, and very revitalizing! But I've jumped straight back into work and thought I'd do a run down of what's happening.

Keir - first round re-edits are done and I'm already into the second round which is going quicker. I'm thinking of possibly releasing it either early August or possibly mid-September - it all depends how busy my editor is and how major a burnout I suffer during my multiple releases because...
When Dark Falls - my decopunk superhero romance got a contract offer last week! And I've already signed it (see, I don't stop even away on holiday). Although I've no official release date, it's probably going to be November. This now gives me three novellas and a short story releasing in the next five months. See why I'm so hazy about a re-release date for Keir? >.<

So my current schedule for the rest of 2014 looks something like this -

13th June - cover reveal for scifi romance novella Tethered
21st-25th June - Starry Nights, the SFR Brigade's 3rd Midsummer Blog Hop
? - cover reveal for YA supernatural romance Restless In Peaceville
25th July - release day for Tethered
8th-22nd August - blog tour for Tethered
20th August - release for Restless
3rd-17th September - blog tour for Restless
1st October - cover and title reveal for paranormal romance short
8th October - release day for paranormal short
15th-31st October - tour for the paranormal short
25th - BristolCon
November - When Dark Falls?

I'm not even going to mention the WIPs I have, including a potential zombie short for my YA publisher Lycaon Press, potential sequels or the rest of the Keir series. *shoves them toward 2015* And I'm NOT going to complain. I'd rather be busy than bored. Well, we'll see if I still feel like that come December, huh? :D If you'd like to help out by hosting any of the reveals and/or tours, please go to the signups HERE. Or email me at pippajaygreen at gmail dot com. As yet I've not set up anything for When Dark Falls or Keir until I'm more certain about actual release dates, but if you're interested in supporting either just email me as I'm happy to make a list.


The cover reveal for Tethered is coming on the 13th June! If you'd like a sneaky early preview, sign up for my newsletter HERE (and the uber-cool reveal graphic you'll see is courtesy of Winter Bayne).Check out the teaser on my blog HERE.

This week I took part in the monster cover reveal for SJ Pajonas Nogiku series, with all her current covers revamped and the new one revealed. Check them out HERE. (psst, there's a giveaway too).

The SFR Brigade's Midsummer Blog Hop - Starry Nights - is coming! I can now announce that the grand prizes will be -

1st - $100 Amazon or B&N gift card plus ebook bundle (titles to come)
2nd - $50 Amazon or B&N gift card plus ebook bundle (titles to come)
3rd - 3 individual $25 Amazon or B&N gift card plus small ebook bundle (titles to come)

This will take place from the 21st to the 25th June, and many of the participants will be offering individual prizes on their blogs. Spread the news! Command centre for the hop will be HERE.

Due to the blog hop, there will be no SFR Brigade Presents for the rest of June. It will restart in July.

Michelle Browne offers some excellent reasons for why SFR is so awesome on the Brigade blog HERE.

My YA scifi novel Gethyon turned one yesterday! A whole year published. :)

EXCERPT | Available from...Omnilit
| BURST | Amazon UK | Amazon US
| B&N | Kobo |

Ping Pong

Laurie and Donna, excellent follow ups on rejection - the good and the bad. I don't think trad publishing is going to see SFR as a true contender until we prove it in the indie field. And then? Do we really need them at that point? Seems to me if we've done all the hard work getting SFR into the big league that we should benefit and not the Big Five. Who knows? Publishing is undergoing so many shifts and changes that I wouldn't even want to predict what might happen next week, let alone next year...

Sharon, I'm not familiar with the song for Tiny Little Lifeforms, but I fear for their safety! Funny, we always imagine alien invaders as hostiles in huge, ultra-powerful ships. How much more intriguing to imagine these tiny spacefarers, who could no doubt do far more harm if they arrived on our planet.

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