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Farewell Andromeda & the Artist Who Inspired the Title

Laurie's Journal

My novelette, Farewell Andromeda, is complete and standing for final inspection by two of my trusted beta readers.

I'm pretty thrilled with how this novelette turned out after receiving crucial feedback from fellow Spacefreighter and SFR author Sharon Lynn Fisher, who pointed out some issues in the first draft that needed further attention.

Now to wait and see if the retooled story gets the thumbs up from other peers. It has to be as near perfect as I can get it, because Farewell Andromeda is slated to be my first published work, with a planned release date in January just a few weeks before the first novel in my new SFR series debuts.

Farewell Andromeda takes place in the same universe as my series and has a few tie-ins that future readers will recognize, although the characters will not appear in any of the other stories.

Here's a peek at the opening paragraph:

I met the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with ten days before he died. Someday, I'll look back at that time on Andromeda Station and laugh.

Wait, you say, how can this story possibly have a happy ending? Well, that's the beauty of SFR, isn't it? The author has the freedom to solve romantic dilemmas creatively, or in ways you might not see coming. But no tragedies allowed! Being Science Fiction Romance, the stories have to have a satisfying conclusion for the readers.

So, yeah, I've got a lot riding on this tale of star-crossed (or is it galaxy-crossed?) lovers 2,000 years in the future.

Meanwhile, I wanted to post the video that inspired the title. Not only does the title fit the story to a T, but I think this upbeat tune pretty much captures how I'm feeling about the tale right now.

I'm truly honored to be able to "borrow" this title for my work in honor of the artist who inspired a generation to head west and find their own personal Rocky Mountain High. I've been a huge fan of John Denver from the early days of his career to his tragic death on October 12, 1997 when his experimental plane crashed into the Pacific.

John Denver (Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.), truly a pioneer on many fronts, was an introvert-turned-superstar who shared his love of life, adventure and nature through lyrics and melody, much like writers share their feelings through phrasing and plots.

Farewell Andromeda is probably one of his most loved songs. Though the song has nothing to do with space exploration or science fiction romance or the galaxy of Andromeda, I think the spirit of discovery and adventure is infused in every word.

With a few tweaks to the words, these lyrics could become every author's anthem. (Just use your imagination here.)

Welcome to my morning
Welcome to my day
I'm the one responsible
I made it just this way
To make myself some pictures
See what they might bring
I think I made it perfectly
I wouldn't change a thing

Welcome to my happiness
You know it makes me smile
And it pleases me to have you here
For just a little while
While we open up the spaces
Try to break some chains
And if the truth is told
They'll never come again

Welcome to my evening
The closing of the day
If I could try a million times
I'd never find a better way
To tell you that I love you
And all the songs I play
Are to thank you for allowing me
Inside this lovely day

Welcome to my morning
Welcome to my day
Yes, I'm the one responsible
I made it just this way
To make myself some pictures
And see what they might bring
I think I made it perfectly
I wouldn't change a thing

--Lyrics by the late John Denver

So how about you? Were you a fan of the great JD? Tell us which of his songs was your favorite? Has his music inspired you or your writing?

Have a great week!


  1. Trying this again. Love JD! What a great story and a great opening line! Can't wait to read!

  2. Laurie,
    Love this post! I've been a John Denver fan since the 70's, and had no idea you were as well. Farewell Andromeda opening the "An Evening with John Denver" concert/album was always a such a thrilling version, I have trouble listening to it on any other recording.

    There are very few of his songs I don't like. When asked, I usually pick the obscure 'The Wings That Fly Us Home' from the Spirit album. I like the odd connections of the verses and the way the song builds. (can you tell i really don't know how to describe music?)

    Anyway, great opening!

  3. Aha! Fellow Denverites! *high five* :) Thanks so much for your comments. Love the lyrics to The Wings That Fly Us Home. "It lives within a star too far to dream of." *sigh*

    I have so many great memories of his music. I was also totally engrossed with his lear jet, WindStar. I think it's what inspired me to write so many SFR stories about characters with special ships. Yup, Farewell Andromeda is one of them. :) Here's a link to a photo of it, but you may have to cut and paste it:

  4. AH, great photo...and love those bell bottoms!


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