Monday, November 30, 2015

Every Generation has a Story

Like many of you, I've been eagerly gobbling up the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers, and oohing and ahhing over what looks to be a magnificent return of the timeless, much-loved franchise. What an exciting time~~a Star Wars Holiday!

(Insert one very big *knock on wood* here. Oh please, please, please live up to your hype, TFA!)

Of all the teasers and offerings, one trailer in particular spoke to me in a really big way.

Every generation has a story.

Yes, that phrase really hit home. It most likely resonated on such a deep level with me because this is the same theme that's shot through my Inherited Stars series.

I realize this theme may have arisen with the new installment of Star Wars out of necessity. The original film stars are aging, and to be able to bring them back some 30 years later and include them in the story line in any meaningful way meant that it would require the passing of the torch to a new generation. And part of passing that torch includes telling the story as it really was, because villains have a nasty habit of changing history to suit their own ambition and to enforce their own authority.

But regardless of the reason, the formula works. And this is why...

The Hidden History is also a strong theme in my series. Even a buried past has an uncanny way of revealing itself to those who start asking the right questions.

Many stories, and SF/R and Fantasy in particular, often carry these themes. Throughout history, the quest for power has led to suffering and oppression. But from the most humble and unexpected of places, the most unlikely of heroes and heroines will sometimes rise.

It might be a fun-loving little hobbit from the Shire, a meek scullery maid of Ruatha Hold, a bastard son of the beheaded lord of Winterfell, or the orphaned daughter of a legendary ship designer. One thing is sure. If they don't find their destinies, their destinies will hunt them down. And once found, the story of what came before must eventually be revealed so they can understand what was lost, and what they must face on the journey ahead.

Star Wars and The Inherited Stars actually share very little beyond these powerful themes, but I find the parallels to be both dynamic and inspiring.

Here's to the unveiling of what I hope will be an epic adventure that echoes across time and space to find a whole new audience among those who weren't even born when the first trilogy hit the screens.

Because every generation has a story...and each new generation will forge its own heroes.

Have a great week.


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