Monday, December 28, 2015

We Survived Winter Storm Goliath!

Although Spacefreighters will be dark this week while the crew celebrates the holidays, I thought I'd pop on to post photos from the last few days as Winter Storm Goliath wrecked havoc on eastern and southern New Mexico.

In 25 years on the rancho, we've only weathered (excuse the pun) one winter storm more severe than this one. We didn't have a White Christmas, but Mother Nature made up for it in a very big way.

Saturday, December 26, Early PM
Trying to get home from Albuquerque. 
Dry roads at 10AM, MAJOR BLIZZARD by 1PM.

Phew! We made it back to Edgewood. Ten more miles to go!

Post Office parking lot, Edgewood NM.

Interstate 40 underpass in Edgewood.

White-out conditions. Five more miles to go!

Whew! We made it home. *big sigh of relief*

Sunday Morning, December 27th

It snowed off and on for most of the night. 
We now have 18-20" of fresh powder.
And it's still snowing!

Gray skies, flurries and snowdrifts.

Our patio table under mounds of snow. 
(Sorry, had to shoot this through a screen.)

Sunday evening, December 27th

It finally stopped snowing...24-26 inches later!

There's a patio under there somewhere. The various lumps and domes 
are pots and planters, a chiminea (outdoor stove) and big cooler.

Just starting to dig out. This is going to be a big job!

The barns and part of the compound. Acres of undisturbed snow.

Poor Monstro, looking pretty forelorn. "Let me out! I'm 4WD!"

Monstro and a half-buried Impala police unit.

The front gate and first pass at clearing a very long, very snowy driveway.

Wishing all the best to those in states to the east of us 
as this monster continues its trek across the US. 
Stay warm, dry and safe!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 
and a great start to 2016!
See you next year. 

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