Saturday, February 27, 2021

Final Reminder! Pets in Space 5 is Leaving Us!

*tick tick tick tick*

I don't want to panic anyone, but it's almost THAT TIME! 

It's been another fantastic run with Pets in Space, this year with volume number 5. 

This year's collection earned several #1 spots on Amazon as well as other vendors, and garnered over 380 reviews, the vast majority 5 STARS!

But after today, February 28th, it's gone forever...

   and will never be offered again!

So here's a huge thanks to all the wonderful Pets in Space readers and fans who keep coming back year-after-year to support Hero Dogs with their purchases while enjoying a ton of great reading!

So one last time...

12 great Science Fiction Romance stories

12 different award-winning and bestselling authors

12 different SFR series

ONE DAY to grab it before it goes * POOF * into the shadow universe forevah! 

Grab a bit of SFR history for the price of a cup of coffee before it's gone!

Available at most vendors here: Pets in Space Antho

(P.S. CaSandra the StarDog of Juggernaut bids you all a fond farewell!)

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