Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Anatu of the Human - Guest Author Marie Dry

We'd like to welcome SFR Brigade member Marie Dry to Spacefreighters Lounge today to share a little about her Tunrian Cyborgs series SFR book. 

Glad to have you guest blogging with us today, Marie.


Thank you for hosting me on your blog.

Featured Book 

Anatu of the Human 

Why I wrote this book? 

I honestly cannot say why I wanted to write this book, it just happened since the characters decided their own fates. I had another couple planned for the second book, but John and Anatu had other ideas. I was extremely nervous about writing a tough female cyborg for a heroine. I generally don't write kick butt heroines. Their strength lies in their courage and in the way they overcome problems. It took me a while to hear Anatu and know her story but once I had her I loved writing her character and didn't want the book to end. My first alien series Zyrgin Warriors is set in a dystopian world and I wanted life on Earth to be a little more Utopian but realistic at the same time.


“These are our rooms.” He opened the set of double doors, revealing a large room with a big bed. It was all jewel colors and shiny. Her lip curled. He lived like a decadent clone. He didn’t enter, and she was glad because her Bunrika technology was failing her again. At the thought of sharing this pretty room with him, her heart beat overtime. 

“You don’t like it?” 

“It is decadent and pretty, like you,” she said honestly. 

His cheek creased. “You think me pretty?” 

“Sometimes,” she said. It wouldn’t do for him to know she had the urge to stare at him all the time.


A marriage with a mission!

That’s what cyborg Anatu keeps telling herself. Volunteering to marry the human president of Earth, John Davies, was a sacrifice she was willing to make in order to convince this president to use his army to war against the clones fighting alongside the cyborgs. But after the wedding, Anatu has her own battle, the surprising attraction she feels to John. Each day—and every night—he seduces her without committing his troops to fight against the cyborgs. She needs to stay focused on her assignment, but her new husband makes her organic heart beat a little faster, especially when he treats her with such kindness. It was too much hope this human could care for her. Because when it comes down to the choice between her and saving his human race, how will John ever choose his alien wife?

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Author Bio 

Marie Dry loves to travel and lived in Zambia, Morocco and Spain and did short stints in several countries. She's read romances since she was nine and there are several wonderful moments in her life that she would never trade for anything. One of them is meeting President Nelson Mandela and the second being published.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm a great admirer of kick-butt lady cyborgs, since I've written one myself. Sounds like a fascinating tale.

  2. Thanks for guest blogging with us, Marie. The story sounds fascinating.


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