Monday, July 20, 2009

My Very First RWA

I'm back with a head full of ideas and great memories from my first RWA. It was a fantastic, crazy, head-spinning experience. Loved it. :)

A Few Highlights

Janet Evanovich's keynote speech, especially the story of the day she almost gave up writing...and what happened next. Pure unadulterated inspiration.

The FF&P Chapter sponsored "The Gathering" dinner where I got to meet, greet and/or hang out with my Skiffy Rommer cohorts, Sharon Lynn Fisher, Lisa Paitz Spindler and Jess Granger (pssst! you can see our pic on The Galaxy Express), and listen to a fabulous panel of authors answer questions about Paranormal Romance.

A workshop featuring Lessons of Firefly (of course!) and Joss Whedon's amazing character-building talents hosted by Jacqui Jacoby, a paranormal writer and Golden Heart finalist. (But I'm so bummed I didn't win a Browncoats t-shirt.)

Two words. Free books!

Listening to Dorchester senior editor Chris Keeslan's infectious enthusiasm for "BATTLE SILF" (not sure of the spelling), a March 2010 Paranormal release. Can't wait for this one!

The "Titanic" staircase in the grand ballroom at the Marriott Wardman Park.

Hearing Dorchester is saying YES to SFR.

Hearing TOR is saying YES to SFR. (Do you sense a pattern here?)

The Goody Room.

Asking a very attractive waiter, "How are your muscles?" (Honest, I really meant the shellfish.)

Meeting other SFR writers. (Yes, there are others. We're a rare but hardy breed.) *waves to Donna*

Sharing an elevator with Brenda Novak--but not figuring out it was really Brenda Novak until two seconds after she'd stepped off. Special note to RWA: Please, please, please make the names larger on the nametags. :]

The Rita and Golden Heart Awards ceremony. The Academy Awards for romance books!

Anne Stuart's crazy cell phone intro and endlessly entertaining wardrobe changes.

Being invited to sit in the finalist section at the awards ceremony with Golden Heart finalist Sharon Lynn Fisher.

Being cab-less after the awards ceremony, and somehow ending up sharing a ride with a well-known agent. (Does this kind of thing only happen at RWA?)

Much more on RWA later.


  1. That's great, Laurie. Are you enthusiastic about everything?? LOL I like the obelisk.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast!

    So, is BATTLE SILF an SFR?

    Aren't you going to tell us the agent's name? What did you talk about?! Any juicy insider publishing info? Ah, well, I guess what happens at RWA, stays at RWA. ;-)

  3. I'm with Heather, I need details. :]

    Awesome hanging out with you Laurie! You were an ANGEL to keep me talking so I wouldn't fret about the awards ceremony.

  4. Barbara, oh yes. It's amazing what a conference like this does for your motivation. I plan to make reservations for Nashville as soon as the hotel is announced.

    Heather, from Chris Keeslar's description BATTLE SILF sounds like a Fantasy romance, but not like anything I've ever read before. He gave a breif overview of the premise and it sounds like a very fresh, exciting idea. I'll tell you more about the agent and the taxi ride later, but I can tell you she doesn't handle SFR, but she did say it's "Big!" That was encouraging.

    Sharon, it was so much fun meeting you and sharing some "adventures" at the conference. Thanks again for inviting me to be your guest in the finalist section at the Rita/GH awards. LOL It was a real honor and such an incredible high. You didn't look nervous in the least, but I was happy to help with the distraction. Did you get the pic I sent via cell phone?


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