Friday, March 25, 2011

Donna's Journal

Congratulations Laurie and Sharon!

Welcome to the Golden Heart nominations, or, to paraphrase Bob Hope, as it’s known at my house “Passover”. Yes, that’s right. My two brilliant blog partners were both nominated for the Golden Heart this year, Sharon Lynn Fisher for the third time in a row (for her paranormal/SFR Echo 8) and Laurie A. Green twice in the same year (is that even allowed?) for her SFR’s P2PC and Outer Planets. While my phone stubbornly refused to ring. Maybe the lines were down in Virginia. Or maybe I shouldn’t have killed off my heroine’s kids in the Prologue. I think I lost points with the judges there.

Actually I think it’s all a big mistake. The board member assigned to call me probably had to take the dog to the vet or something and is just now getting back to the house. I’m sure the phone will ring any minute. Or maybe that dog ate my phone number. Yeah, that’s it. Last time I looked (two seconds ago) there were only six titles listed under the paranormal nominations. They just haven’t gotten to me yet. They still have twenty minutes . . .

All jokes aside, I want to offer BIG congratulations to Laurie and Sharon for their well-deserved honors. They’ve worked hard, their work is terrific and the path lies straight and shining before them both. The RWA conference in June promises to be a lovefest for SFR, thanks to them, and I can’t wait to share the moment with them, even if it is just a vicarious thrill!

Cheers, Donna


  1. Donna, I'm sure you were sooo close. I've read your novel, I know how good it is!

    Thanks for the kudos and encouragement, and I'm so glad we'll all be getting together in NY. (Since I was the only holdout...until today.)

  2. Congrats to Laurie and Sharon and hugs to Donna. I have no idea about RWA and these contests- being from the UK, they just don't figure in my brain but I know they mean a lot to you guys so well done!

  3. Laurie and Sharon, just had to stop by and congrats you here as well!!

    So congrats again, girls!

  4. Wow. I'm hooked. Killing off the heroine's kids first chapter, I so love a read that starts with a tragic bang, making that hopefully happy ending all the sweeter.

  5. Your post cracked me up, Donna. :) Thanks so much for the congrats and good wishes. I am so looking forward to us all being together again in June!

  6. Thanks, y'all. And Arlene, I love ya! The emotional bang was the whole point!


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