Monday, March 28, 2011

Laurie's Journal

This purpose of this journal is to document our journey on the road to success as authors. I have a whopper of an entry today.

Actions I've taken as a writer. Where am I? What am I doing?

Whew! Ready for this?

Let me first explain that I took the day off work Friday, because it was “Golden Heart Day” and because I expected to be disappointed and moping about like I did last year, while at work, after not getting a call. No thanks. I’d rather sulk in solitude. So I prepared myself for the sinking-stomach feeling, and then to regroup and start off in a new direction.

Then…my whole world reversed the spin on its axis. Yes, I got the call. Twice! Let me recap, in this manic, head-to-page account.

For the first two hours, I sipped my coffee and got whiplash turning to see what time it was now. 6:00 am….7:00 am…the blogs are buzzing now and people are saying the calls were going out…7:20 am…silence…7:30…7:40….nothing….people are starting to chime in on the Rubyslippered Sisterhood (2009 GH finalists) and Judi Fennell’s GH Party blogs that they had finaled….still nothin’….8:00 am…..8:15…8:20—


I stared at the phone, stunned. I picked it up, and squeaked, “Hello?” “Is this Laurie Green?” I have no idea what I blathered after the OMG! chorus, but I'm sure she thought I was total idiot. But no different than any other catatonic GH finalist, I guess. I jotted a few non-sensical notes (and I quote: Emal phbp 2 weeks – Tenny mclughn stay close --) and immediately called Sharon—and woke her up with my hysterics because it was only a little after 7:00 am in Seattle. Poor Sharon. I think I blurted a chorus of "I finaled, I finaled!" at her, lost the call, called her again, and I *think* I asked if she’d gotten a call yet. It was all a blur to me and she was kinda groggy. (Imagine that.) But no, no call yet. I thought about calling Donna and decided waking up two co-bloggers in one day was a bit much. I considered texting her instead…

Ringgggggg! My caller ID said the call was coming from Michigan—not Sharon, not Donna—and figured it was family. When I answered and heard, “Is the Laurie Green?” I think I shrieked and began babbling in tongues. That poor RWA board member (Diane Kelly?) probably wondered if I was having a stroke. (hehe)

I spared Sharon the double dose of delirium and texted her that time, probably something along the lines of: DOUBLE FINALIST!!! OMGOMGOGMGOSLDIYGSO! Sometime after that, I broke down and sobbed. It was one of those “This can’t be happening to me!” (but in a good way) moments. I thought about texting Donna, but my hands were shaking so bad I couldn’t even manage to type a coherent word. So I called my husband. I think he thought I was dying, or had a car accident, or something horrible. He was finally able to make out two words that sounded like one “Doublefinalist!” and he translated, realizing it was a good thing. When I hung up and looked at the clock again, it was after 9:00 am...which is after 8:00 am Pacific time, and I thought, “Sharon's gonna get her call any min—”

Ringggggg! Sharon. Another OMG chorus this time blurted while both laughing and crying. (By now I was starting to master that talent.) Then I proceeded to cross fingers, toes, legs, and eyes and watch the RWA board and announcements like a hawk for Donna’s name to go up, too. Alas. *sniff* *sinking-stomach feeling* That was the key piece missing to make this an utterly perfect day.

So what's the big deal, right? It's just another contest—albeit a big one. Well...let me tell ya. It's not. I've heard it compared to a freight train and a tornado. Those are understatements. I've had my socks knocked off. I've been deluged. Congrats poured in via email, FB, Twitter and blog posts. I was inducted into the 2011 GH Finalist private Yahoo loop and sent info to join the Golden Network. RWA emailed a checklist of deadlines, reminders and perks. I need to work on a promo shot and info for press releases before April 8th so they can notify the media. When editor/agent spots open in a month, preference is given to Golden Heart finalists so I need to be thinking on who I want to pitch. (So much for my stubborn “I don’t do conference pitches” line.) We'll have special events and retreats in NY. Even with Sharon finaling the last two years, I didn't really understand what this meant. This isn't big—it's HUGE!!!—and yes, I feel like I've been run over by a supertrain DURING a class five tornado.

And, of course, in my spare moments, I've got to finish some tweaks on P2PC, come up with a decent log line, blurb and pitch, and FINISH the major revisions to TOP. Those are must-complete-at-the-first-possible-moment-priority-one taskings!

And I can't forget the dress. I have to find a really great dress. David's going to wear his tux. This is a total black tie affair. Think Academy Awards. Thousands will be in attendance. And being in NY, probably throngs of agents and editors in the audience. It will be on July 1st, a Friday this year.

So now I'm having a very different kind of meltdown, but in a good way. A “this is wonderful, but what have I got myself into?” mental gridlock.

And that's what life has been like for the last 36+ hours. I have no clue what I'm in for the next three months, but I suspect it's going to be one giddy, squeeeing, OMG! roller coaster of a ride.

And after hitting you with that lengthy memoir, I think my journal entry this week is long enough. I’ll forego the other topics.

But I may have a surprise for you next week.


  1. So you're quite excited then, Laurie???

  2. I love this story, Laurie - so fun experiencing it all over again. And I'm glad you woke me up, even though I am honestly not sure what I said to you at the time. :)

  3. You're right, this is HUGE! This is SPECTACULAR! And you deserve every minute of the excitement. Can't wait to read what this story was like from Sharon's POV! Do I get to rub y'all's heads in NY--just for luck, you understand.

  4. Whoo hoo! Congrats!

  5. @Sharon Yeah, I'm sure it was a rude awakening having your crit partner screeching in your ear. hehe Sorry!

    @Donna I'm sure you're going to have a stellar year ahead. And can't wait for NY! We're going to have a blast.

    @AnnaM Thanks so much, #1 SFR fan! We Skiffy Rommers have lot to cheer about this year.

  6. Followed the link from TGE and have to say it again, CONGRATS!!!! So fun to hear the story, not just the announcement.

    Wow, RWA has really ramped it up from when I was a finalist last CENTURY. LOLOL! Okay, now I feel really old, but I'm as excited as an old person can safely get for you! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!


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