Monday, October 29, 2012

T-Minus Seven Hours and Counting!

Well, it's a huge week for us here on Spacefreighters Lounge -- launch week for Sharon's GHOST PLANET!

Check out that launch clock which has been steadily counting down the months, days, and now...hours! So exciting!

(If you pre-ordered this instant classic, your books are shipping now!)

Great big group squeeeeeeeee!

There will be virtual launch parties on this blog, on Facebook and Sharon will be beaming all over the internet for guest posts and blogs (see post just below for details and links).

Later this week, we'll leave Spacefreighters Lounge in the capable hands of coblogger Pippa Jay while Donna and I jet off to Seattle to enjoy the in-person Launch Party on Saturday night. (Now, I ask you, isn't "Launch Party" the perfect name for a Science Fiction Romance novel?)

If the Techno-Gods are kind to us, we hope to be posting pics live from GHOST PLANET Central in Seattle both here and on Facebook.

Stop back tomorrow to join in on the festivities and imbibe in some virtual champagne and chocolate chip cookies.

(Pssst. We're also planning a special giveaway for one lucky commenter on our launch post.)







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