Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pippa's Journal - EPIC news!

First up, apologies for my absence. November/December have really kept me busy, and it's not going to ease up until Christmas when I'll finally get a short breather for a few weeks. Right now I'm trying to tie everything up for the 19th December before I take a few days completely away from the internet, and with my final release for 2014 on that day. I also have edits due in for Zombie Girl, edits for Keir, two book tours running together, and I got zapped by a cold on Monday. >.<
But today I had some awesome news in my Spam folder. Yeah, not where you'd expect to find anything of the sort, lol.

My YA SF Gethyon, already a SFR Galaxy award winner earlier this year, is an EPIC eBook Award finalist in the science fiction category. Woot! This is my first time in the finals since I became published, and one of my ambitions as an author (I'm a sucker for shiny things). It came as a huge surprise - I'd seen someone tweet about making the finals yesterday, but with my inbox devoid of any notification, I assumed I'd missed out yet again. Just as well I periodically check my Trash and Spam folders in my email account!

And I have shiny things!

Winners won't be announced until mid-March, so still a way to go yet. But even if this is as far as Gethyon gets, right now I am a very happy author.

Next week Laurie is occupying my Wednesday spot with an exciting piece of news too - it's all systems go for the crew at Spacefreighters Lounge! And now I have to get back to work pimping and working on the next potential award winners. :P


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