Friday, October 3, 2008

SFR Meet and Greet

This is our Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Meet and Greet social event being conducted all day, every day of our celebration week. So grab some Science Fiction Romance cake, a bit of Cosmic Comet ice cream, Pinwheel Galaxy punch and have fun!

Post a comment just to say hi, or let us know if you read, write, represent, publish or are a fan of SciFiRom (self-promotion is not only allowed, it's encouraged!). Did you just drop by to see what all the whoopla is about? Great! Have a website? A comment? A question? News to share? A favorite site? A favorite book? A favorite conference? Tell us.

Using advanced blog techno-wizardry (okay, we're going to attempt a little time travel date manipulation experiment), we hope to bring this chat room/party back every morning of our celebration.

Oh, and there just might be some numbers attached to comments for this date in history that results in--dare we say it--prizes? (Hmmm, do you think that was a clue?)


  1. well I've eaten all the cake - sorry but there you are. You should have woken up at 4.00 like me. Ha! Oh, that might have been because stupid man put a virus on the other computer and spent all night trying to take it off. And failed. Does he think he's touching my precious. No way!
    Anyway - here I am - Flick - otherwise known as 'that gorgeous chick with the long legs and -' no lying again. Now off to decipher the copious notes I wrote in the pitch black for my sci fi romance - Lucy in the Sky.

  2. What? No more cake? (Kimber throws her ice cream at Flick)

    Hello, I'm Kimber An, moderator of the Enduring Romance book review blog and the brand new Young Adult Science Fiction blog.

    My favorite SFR authors are Susan Grant, who never fails to push the envelope of expectations and, therefore, never bores me, and Linnea Sinclair who never fails to skillfully turn her words into tales of suspenseful delight. Here are my favorites novels:

    Susan Grant-

    THE STAR, I mean the STAR PRINCE! Wait, um, now it's CONTACT, I think. Well, it's one of those three, or all three. Can't think of it right now.

    Linnea Sinclair-

    GAMES OF COMMAND! Wait, but I really like DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES just as much, or almost as much. Let's be metaphoric here and say if the two books were sisters they'd be ripping each other's hair out right now.

    Okay, back to my morning coffee now.

  3. Hi everyone!

    I"m Jess Granger, and I'm a debut SFR author for Berkley Sensation.

    My first book will be out August '09. Look for Beyond the Rain. Here's the brief synopsis. Very brief.

    A hardened soldier on her final mission discovers a slave bound and tortured for the narcotic chemicals his body can produce. They fight to escape from behind enemy lines of an intergalactic war, but can they fight their growing bond, or will it cost them their lives?

    This is also lovingly referred to as the Warrior nun vs. ex-sex slave book.

    You can read more about it at and check out my blog at

    Or just click on my name, it will take you there.

    Please excuse the rough around the edges website. A new spiffy site will launch in November with lots of fun stuff to read about.

    Susan Grant is also a huge inspiration to me. I loved The Star King, Prince, and Princess. (I'm in that one! Look for Chessie) And Contact was my favorite book of hers.


  4. Hello, everyone! I'm Heather and I run The Galaxy Express, a blog devoted to science fiction romance. Like Lay's potato chips, I can't read just one so I blog about the SFR market, feature authors, and do giveaways.

    flick, lol! Hi Kimber An!

    ohmygod, Jess, *you're* Chessie??!!! Back when The Galaxy Express was in development, I'd read your comments at DA and other forums and think, so great that she's advocating SFR and I hope she gets published and finds out about the blog--oh that is so surreal!

    Love the Warrior nun moniker!

  5. Hello, I'm a lurker. I sit in the dark and scribble, occasionally chiming in with a comment of no relevance at all. Cake's gone? Damn. Guess I'll have to resort to picking something from my sci-fi-romance stack to get some satisfaction. Hey, its getting really low. Lucy in the Sky? I hope to see some diamonds very soon. That'd be worth stepping into the light.

  6. Hi I'm Dawn, and I'm happy to be online ATM. I write, I lurk, and I play on the blogs wayyyyy too much.
    First published story is coming out in December, but it's not SF Fi Rom.

  7. Good morning all. See what staying up until 2:00 AM to tidy up after the Opening Ceremonies did to me. Here I come dragging into Meet and Greet with a big mug of coffee in hand.

    Flick, hiya. I'm very anxious to see your SFR.

    I see Kimber An is no worse for wear after her takedown of Kahn yesterday. *smirks*

    Jess, I'm really excited to meet you. Yea! A SciFiRom debut author. I'll run right over and check out your website. Your book sounds awesome.

    Helloooooo Heather! Thanks for making this a stop on The Galaxy Express.

    Hiya Arlene. Oh cool! We got a lurker. LOL It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. :) Did you bring any of colorful characters with you? *grins*

    I'm your host and the bartender at this lil ol' galactic watering-hole. We just added on a convention center to accomodate all the great SFR writers, readers, and fans who fly in to join in the fun, and I hope we can fill it to capacity.

    Oops. Security just informed me Kahn is awake and ornery so I best go over to detention and check on the situation. See you all soon.

  8. Dawwwwwwn! *waves* So glad you could make it Oh Currently Internet Challenged One!

    Dawn's soon-to-be published short isn't SciFiRom, but I can tell you she has many fantastic SFR novels in the hopper.

  9. Yeah, Heather, I'm Chessie.

    That's the problem with pen names. If you want to use your real name, no one can say anything, but if you have a pen name, suddenly everyone has a say in what it is.

    I wanted to continue to go by Chessie because so many people know me by that name, but my editor didn't like it. She thought it sounded too old fashioned for a writer of hot space adventures.

    So we all went round and round and settled on Jess because it is high-flying and fun and won't scare away the SF readers. I picked it because it is enough like Chessie that if someone shouted it in a crowded room, I'll probably turn around. Probably.

    I'm still getting used to it. And missing my old nickname. I've been going by Chessie since college. :(


  10. Hmm, I dunno, Jess, I kinda like Chessie. Makes me think of Chessie the sea monster, so that's kind of a SFF tie.

    To pseudonym or not to pseudonym is something I'm still kicking around. My name is pretty common but I'm leaning toward staying with the real me tag. I guess it depends if an editor has an issue with it though.

  11. Yeah, well, I liked Chessie too. Sigh.

    Time to embrace Jess. I like her, she's just as much fun, and a little spunkier.


  12. Oh yes, I have to agree. Jess Granger has a nice ring to as a Skiffy Rommer author name.

    "Oh, Bookstore Owner, do you have the latest Jess Granger in stock?"

    Yeah! I like that. :)

  13. Heh, I'm kinda partial to Chessie, too, but I understand the need for the marketing angle. I also read somewhere that publishers prefer short pseudonyms these days, probably having to do with cadence or something.

  14. *evil laugh* It's aliiiiiive!

    Yes! My time teleportation experiment worked! Meet and Greet has been jumped forward in time for day two of SFR Week. If you're just arriving at the celebration, pop in and say hellooooooo and tell us a little about you, your writing, your books, your reading, or anything else you'd like to share.

  15. Hi there everybody. Lisa here. I write and also love to read SFR. I'm a regular commenter over at Galaxy Express, run my own Danger Gal blog, and am co-moderator of an SFR Shelfari group.

  16. Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping in and posting the Shelfari link. I'm a member of Shelfari and the Science Fiction Romance group too, and it's a lot of fun.

    Now I must go check out your blog.

  17. I'm Robyn, I review for Kimber An at Enduring Romance and I have my own blog which is about to wither on the vine due to BlogBlock.

    I love just about anything SF, but I'm too chicken to try writing it myself.

  18. Hi Robyn! I'll have to catch up on your reviews at Enduring Romance.

    Ah, yes, Blogblock. Know it well. Fortunately, it hasn't been a problem this week...but *bites fingernails*... next week looms on the event horizon.

  19. Our Meet and Greet has warped forward once again to Wednesday morning. It's nice to know this time travel function really works.

    Good morning and welcome to day three of Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week.

    If you haven't introduced yourself please say hi. Oh, and shameless promotion is not only allowed, it's encouraged.

    Today we have another interview and the Cast a SFR Character game. The favorite author poll will continue tomorrow.

    Have fun.

  20. I'm looking for doughnuts. Have been on a doughnut hunt since before Ike. Apparently doughnuts are the stress food of choice around Houston, because by the time I drag my sorry out the door, the doughnuts are GONE.

    It's very sad. And now the cake is gone, too!

    Okay, meet me: I'm Pauline Baird Jones. Wrote THE KEY, my first SFR romance, which released last year. I also have a vaguely SF time travel called OUT OF TIME.

    My favorite SFR author is Linnea Sinclair. :-)

  21. Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late!

    I love science fiction and while I write, I don't have any science fiction stories in the hopper at the moment. I have a glimmer of an idea that has been simmering since the 90s, but it isn't quite ready yet.

    I run Fantasy Debut, where I occasionally venture into SF.

  22. Welcome, Pauline and Tia.

    Pauline, seems to me I've heard some good buzz about THE KEY. I'll have to add it to my Leaning Tower of TBR.

    *waves to Tia* Glad to see you here! I need to stop by Fantasy Debut and catch up on your latest reviews.

  23. Goooooooood morning, all. If you're just tuning in, please leave a comment to say hello or introduce yourself.

    We're back for day four of Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week. Today we'll have a visual side trip to a site with some gorgeous CG art, a preview of coming releases in SciFiRom, and an interview with Dawn Jackson, SciFiRom writer and soon to be published author.

    We also hope to announce the winner (or winners?) of prizes later today.

  24. Hello Everyone,

    I just want to tell you that this idea of Science Fiction Romance Week is fabulous.
    I’m late to the party because of a downed computer, but don’t worry, if you ate all the cake or ice cream, I don’t need them. Yeah, right. Don’t know whether to throw up at that lie, or sit down on the floor and have a tantrum. I want my ice cream! Oh, well, one doesn’t always get what one wants! Shucks!

    I am, as yet, unpublished in Science Fiction Romance, but I am writing enthusiastically. I am published as a book illustrator, and once upon a time, as an economist. I must admit, with shame, that I don’t have extensive SF reading experience. I’ve read Clark, Asimov, Herbert, and Heinlein, but I can’t really remember who else. CRS strikes again. As far as SFR goes, I am very fond of the works by Linnea Sinclair, Lois McMaster Bujold, Susan Grant, C.J. Barry, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Linda Howard. I wish that they would all write more. Which one I would read would depend upon the mood of the moment.

    Besides catering to my dog (who has just said that he wants to go to bed) and cat’s every whim, I am working on a Science Fiction Romance, writing a children’s book which I plan to illustrate, and blogging at Astronomy is one of my hobbies, so if anyone has an astronomy question, I will be happy to help to the best of my ability. No guarantees given.

    Night, night everybody.

  25. Sorry I forgot to add my name to this list, I'm Natalie, from Australia.
    Loving this blog, and Galaxy Express *waves hello to Heather and the gang*
    Have read SciFi all my life and finally feel vindicated that there are others who love SciFiRomance as much as I do.

  26. Frances and Natalie, I'm so glad you could join us.

    And Frances, I feel your pain. My main comp crashed Wednesday night. *sigh* Fortunately I have backups of recent drafts in hidey holes in cyberland. I didn't realize your illustrations were published, I really must see your artwork. And your list of classic SciFi authors were ones I also cut my teeth on. Herbert! Oh my gosh, can't believe I forgot Herbert. I read all the early Dune books and there was a romantic element there, between Duke Leto and his mother, and between Paul and Chandi (was it?)

    Natalie, it's been great meeting and hearing from you. I love Australia. My parents visited many times, but I haven't made it there yet. Snowy River and Return to Snowy River are still one of my all time favorite films. And I second your thoughts on finding other SFR fans out there. I'm so glad to see supporters of this subgenre coming together and forming a collective voice.

    OK, I need to jump this post forward in time to Friday and our final day of Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week so anyone who hasn't popped in to say hi yet can chime in.

  27. Here we are almost at the end of our Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week celebration. Before we all fire up our transports and depart back to our individual galaxies to continue writing, reading and/or promoting SciFiRom, I'd just like to thank everyone for dropping by and joining in. I've met several new writers, authors and soon-to-be authors, added a number of novels to my Leaning Tower of TBR and my future shopping list, and bolstered the My Favorite Martians with a few more links. My counter is registering well over 700 hits since we kicked off on Monday. :)

    Feel free to share any thoughts or comments on this experiment. It's truly been a blast(off). :)

  28. I'm coming in late, having been recently hit by a bad case of Klingon flu (very, very nasty.)

    When I'm not chasing around the galaxy on various missions as an intergalactic spy, I am also a regular contributer at The Galaxy Express. I write in my spare time. Currently I'm working on a SciFi with romantic elements and an MG SciFi novel.

    I'm afraid I am too ill to do the Feather Boa dance that has me banned from a few places, but I'm sure the lovely Heather will be happy to step in for me. (Not the X-Rated version this time, Heather, please.)

    It's been a great week here at the Spacefreighter's Lounge. Thank you so much, Laurie, for all your hard work.

    Let the dance begin!

  29. Oohhh, so sorry about the Klingon flu, Agent Z. Hope you soon are over what sounds like a very nasty strain.

    We'll allow the late substituion of Heather for the Feather Boa Dance, R-Rated version. *smirk* Hope you'll be back for a return engagement in the future. You know, the next time you're back around to our little sector. ;)

  30. Z you could have at least got someone like Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman to do the feather boa dance. lol *sorry Heather*

  31. OoOoooOOOoooh. *nods in appreciation" Yes, that could be our version of Male Cover Model night. Let's get the hunks to do the Feather Boa Dance. :) <<< Unfortunately, there is no symbol for wriggling eyebrows.

  32. I've been loving reading all these comments.

    Hey, Natalie...stupid question everyone down under absolutely stoked about Baz Luhrmann's AUSTRALIA?! lol, you don't really have to answer that--I just had to ask because you're an Aussie and naturally you have your finger on the pulse of the entire country!

    *Heather puts down her fifth Midori Sour and reaches for her ginormous bubble in preparation for a slinky dance number with Hugh Jackman AND Gerard Butler*

  33. Woooohoooooo! I like your choice of dance partners, Heather.

    *throws dollar bills*

    Oh heck, they're just cyberdollars.

    *throws hundreds*

  34. I am really excited Heather, they filmed it in Bowen which is 300kms north, right next to the Whitsunday Islands (exclusive island resorts)... Oh and my first novel is a World War 2 romance with a character similar so maybe this movie will pick up and I can sell this thing.
    As for Gerard, well I like to look but hubby would kill me if I danced with him. So I'll just drool from the bar (whilst I drink my water).


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