Monday, October 6, 2008

Amazing Finds

Setting Evolution on its Ear (Again)

The oldest-known footprints of a creature using legs is believed to have been discovered in rock dated 570 million years old in a site in Nevada that was once a shallow sea.

This could put theories of the earliest organisms that emerged from water to develop lungs and walk back some 30 million years earlier, although the finding is certain to provoke controversy in the scientific community.

The aquatic creature left two parallel rows of "footprints"—actually small 2 millimeter dot impressions in the soft marine sediment.

As reported by Live Science which has now been added to our sidebar of research sites.

Look What the Tide Washed In

Palentologist Jim Westgate was helping clear debris from around a colleague’s home in the wake of Hurricane Ike in Texas when he found a fossilized Columbian Mammoth tooth. He declared the tooth to be his best find in 19 years.

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