Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surprising Find

NASA astronomers using the Spitzer Telescope have found a triple-ringed star, an asteroid belt and a gas giant like Jupiter in orbits similar to that of our own solar system. In fact, research suggests that the solar system might be a twin to our own.

In a strange case of life possibly imitating art the star is Epsilon Eridani, which was the Vulcan sun in the popular Star Trek series. Epsilon Eridani is only a fifth the age of our own sun at about 850 million years old. It is about 62 trillion miles away, and has the closest known solar system.

Being smaller, dimmer and younger than the sun, Epsilon Eridani's "habitable zone" for Earth-like planets would be closer to the star.


  1. Hi Laurie!
    I read this yesterday. Isn't it exciting. Oh yeah, you have just been nominated for the I Love Your Blog Award! *G*

    Writing Science Fiction Romance
    Real Love in a Real Future
    http://frances-writes.blogspot.com/just awarded you

  2. Wow, Frances, thank you for the honor. :)


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