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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cast a Character

In Order of Appearance:
Viggo Mortenson
Brad Pitt
Gerard Butler
Eric Dane
Eduardo Verastegui


  1. I love Eduardo. In interviews, he seems to be a really good person, too.

  2. Can we just have more posts with random pictures of hottie guys? I'm a big fan of this thread. :)


  3. >Can we just have more posts with random pictures of hottie guys?

    preferably naked.

  4. Hmm, well, I could do a post of hot guys you'd like to imagine as your MC? Naked, though? I dunno, Heather. That might start a riot. LOL

    Oh, I got it! Who wants to see a SFR Male MC Slave Auction? mwahaha

  5. And the winner is...

    Eduardo Verastegui.

    Thanks all, for participating in the Cast a Character game. I'm sure the author will be pleased with your choice.


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