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Friday, October 17, 2008

Add This Site to Your Research Links

An Atlas of the Universe. What a find! Every once in awhile I come across a site I just have to share with others interested in all things astronomical.

Take some time to explore the near and far neighborhoods of space from the closest stars and galaxies out to the fringes of the visible universe. Click on each distance section to see more star maps, information on the big bang, cosmic microwaves, classfication of stars, distance scale, etc.

And what a super resource for any Science Fiction writer (or teachers, parents, inquiring minds, et al). Create your own polyhedron skyglobe of the visible universe. It prints out on three standard sheets with instructions on how to cut and fold. You can even select from a choice of light, dark or monochrome.

A truly great resource for any Science Fiction Romance writer who takes their science seriously. Amazing. Enjoy your trip.

An Atlas to the Universe link has been added to our SCI-FI 101 resource list in the sidebar to the right.


  1. Wow, that is wicked cool. Thanks for digging that up.

  2. Laurie I love it! It's the geek in me, but I think this site is wonderful.

  3. Thanks, Heather and Natalie. I love stumbling on these sites.

    I continue my "use a basis of science in SFR" quest. ;) Understanding the nature of the universe--the tremendous distances, the scale, the types of stars and planets, etc.--is a great foundation.

  4. Laurie, This is a fantastic resource. Thanks for finding it. It is a wonderful adjunct to my Starry Night Programs.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it, Frances. :)


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