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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eye Candy, SciFiRom Style

This dazzled me.

The CG art of Alexander Preuss can be found on his website here. Amazing, visual stuff your skiffy rommer muse is sure to love.

Check it out.


  1. Laurie,
    I went over to Alexander Preuss's web site. Awesome! I have been an art teacher and book illustrator. I love beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. One of these days I'm going to put up some of my work on my blog. I just don't know when. :-)

  2. Frances, I didn't know you were an artist, too. So talented. Can't wait to see your work. Let me know when you post some.

    My muse likes to look at awe-inspiring pictures so I keep the link to this site handy.


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