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Monday, October 13, 2008

Floating Silently...

Sorry for my weekend disappearance. I was under the influence of the dentist on Friday so didn't get to my usual Friday Five post done, and then we were without power most of the weekend because of a rather nasty tornado that wrecked havoc upon the local grid.

Up and running again...knock on wood.

Here's a couple of notes for the week.

Don't miss the post on The Galaxy Express entitled 7 Reasons Men Should Read Science Fiction Romance, and be sure to see all the insightful follow-up comments.

I completed GRIMSPACE by Ann Aguirre and I'll be working on a review for later this week.

I may have some puppy pics to post, too.

More later...


  1. Glad your power's back up--what a stress. Thanks for the linkage, Laurie!


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