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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our final day of Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week and we'll have a few fun posts.

First, the Sound Off. I asked a number of SciFiRom fans to dish on what they don't want to see in SciFiRom, or what they think can be improved. And man, did I get feedback. All comments will be posted anonymously and I think you'll find what is said very educational.

Then...a few of my interviewees this week turned the tables on me--Boomerang: surprise!--and had me answer a few interview questions. Wow, too interviews in one week. I think I've used up my allotment for awhile. :) I'll post that tomorrow too.

Our Meet and Greet will warp forward in time for one the last day and then we'll wrap up the celebration with the Friday Five.

Hope to see you then.

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