Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Highs And Lows

Darn, but my week has been a mixed bag! And I can see from my fellow crewmates in the Lounge that the winter blues are taking their toll. I'm going to shovel my bad news out the way first so I can finish on a glimmer of hope much like the first sniff of spring, lol.

So I start with rejections. Four in fact. Well, three and a bit. My decopunk Darkfall got a rejection from Carina Press, the very same day my sfr novella Tethered got a request as part of their Twitter pitch event...and which then got rejected yesterday. The benefit of the event was not only a speedy assessment but some feedback too, so at least I got a quick response and a reason why I didn't make the standard. My VA series sfr novella got mixed comments from my editor, so not a rejection per se, but not a hit either. I'd felt something was off with it, which was why I asked her to read it, and although I'm not currently sure one of the two main issues is fixable, at least it wasn't a total thumbs down. Then my short story to Women Destroy SF got rejected (BTW that arrived within half an hour of another rejection, which was a bit sucky. But I can handle it. *sniffle*).

So on the whole, the having five submissions out thing hasn't done my moral a whole lot of good. :P

On the plus side, I happened to spot an editor on the look out for particular genres for her publisher on Twitter, and made a submission to her (this is why it's so important to stalk...I mean follow such professionals on social media. You get to spot special requests and events). So I have something with her, plus my supernatural story still out. My paranormal short story got the thumbs up from my editor, and will shortly be going into edits. I'm debating self publishing the cyberpunk short rejected by WDSF. And having taken part in the Tender Love critique event last week, I got two requests on those manuscripts. See? It's not all doom and gloom!

Plus I'm in the midst of an exciting week on my own blog. I had SF author SA Check visiting me Monday with his SF mystery adventure Welcome to GreenGrass. On Tuesday, the awesome Dan Wells stopped by to talk about the weather. Honestly, that's not because I'm a Brit - there's an interesting reason behind the discussion that authors might find worth reading. Today I have a cover reveal for YA supernatural romance Fatal by TA Brock, and Friday is Shona Husk with her tentacular SciFi romance Lunar Reunion. Pop over and say hi HERE!

Ping Pong
Laurie and Donna - I hope the outlook is brighter for you both very soon. Spring is coming!


  1. No wonder you needed a hug! You're getting stuff out there and that's what matters. You know how this works, just because you got rejected, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't any good.
    Better days ahead!

  2. Rejections are an inevitable part of the process, and to be honest I think I've got off pretty lightly with them. What isn't right for one publisher may fit another. Of course, I *could* just be a terrible writer, but the feedback I've had from various crit partners, beta readers, editors and contest judges would say that isn't the issue with these current works. :P

  3. The good really comes with the bad in this industry, but you're making wonderful headway in spite of the down week. Hang in there and don't let the Doubt Faeries get you down.


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