Monday, January 23, 2012

Mission Success: Laurie's Journal

OMG, I've Evolved!

For years I've wondered about people who were so in to their cats. Granted, cats are cool, but IMFHO (In My Former Humble Opinion) [heh heh Not what you thought that stood for?] dogs left cats in their stardust as family pets. But even then I wasn't living a totally cat-less life. We had an assortment of barn cats to keep down the rodent population in the outbuildings (and thus, the rattlesnakes) and my DH had two cat companions where he was deployed at a military base about 400 miles away (who regarded me as an occasional guest in their home).

But I wouldn't have a cat in my house (I vehemently declared). Or more to the point, I wouldn't have a litter box in my house.

Then my DH retired, came home from deployment and brought his two calico kitties with him. Hello! Can you say lifestyle change. I learned how to live with litter boxes. Fast.

I started to begrudgingly agree that, okay, yeah, it was kind of cool to have a couple of feline residents join the household. Took me awhile to adjust to the bright green eyes staring down from the top of the refrigerator when I got the milk out in the morning, or furry beasties sprawling out across my bed like they owned the joint...but I adapted.

Then our female barn cat--aptly named Momcat--had a litter of seven kittens. She's black, the tomcat is black, five of the kittens were black, and the last two?  The most gorgeous little lilac-point kittens I'd ever seen. Where they came by their receptive and decidedly Siamese coloring was baffling, but one thing was clear--these little guys weren't going to survive the barn cat environs. Their light coloring meant the coyotes would zero in on them like they were ringing the dinner bell.

So once the babies hit eight weeks old, they were relocated to the house, too. I was now a non-cat person with four cats in my house. Okay, time to concede a point. By that point I was no longer a non-cat person.

We've since found a wonderful home for the male lilac-point, and are now a happy household of two humans, three cats and one desperately outnumbered mini-longhaired dachshund (who the kitten has adopted as her bestest friend in the whoooole world). Yeah. I'm a willow, I can bend.

Off the topic (but desperately grasping at a chance to somehow relate this to our general spacey theme), of our three house cats, two carry decidedly SFR inspired names. Serenity--no explanation necessary--and Saybin, the kitten, a namesake for a character in my novel, P2PC, is in keeping with the S theme in cat names. (The third is named Sugar.)

The point of my rambling? Sometimes change is good. Sometimes we get things in our heads that we're dead set against when a little change might do us (or our manuscripts) good. Sometimes we have to be willing to see things in a different light and make some revisions in our thinking that we never thought we'd make. Change can be a catalyst for growth. I'm not real big on change, but learning to adapt has been a good thing--both in life and in my writing career.

Update on My Progress

This spring I have two major goals--to get The Outer Planets and Draxis to market draft stage before July.  The Outer Planets isn't that far away from being ready to shop, but Draxis needs a major overhaul. The good news is the story is complete and I have a good handle on what needs to be revised, streamlined and trimmed. It's a very exciting prospect that I might be going to RWA Nationals with three...count'em three...marketable manuscripts (*heavy breathing*).  Or...dare I say it?...even a sale before I arrive. (*hyperventilates*)

Meanwhile, I'm awaiting some news on a submission of my first novel, P2PC, with great anticipation.

Ping Pong

Donna posted an excellent blog on the controversy surrounding SOPA--the Stop Online Piracy Act--which smashed headlong into a resistant front in recent weeks, which included a blackout of Wikipedia, Google dressing it's icon in black, and many who formerly supported the bill as a way to address the unfair theft of authors' royalties via online piracy sites pulling their support. Most had to concede that although the bill had great intentions, it went way, way too far.  Locking down the free exchange of information on the internet would certainly not be a benefit for anyone.

Sharon is wrapped up in preparation for release of her Tor novel, Ghost Planet. Only 312 more days to her debut launch according to our countdown clock! Woohoo!

Happenings in the Lounge

Author Pippa Jay will be guest blogging this week about surviving the first round of edits, a stumbling block and reality check for many new authors.  We're looking forward to hosting her!

We'll be reaching a major milestone for Spacefreighters Lounge in the next few weeks. Stop back for more news. 


  1. Poor long haired dachshund! To be outnumbered like that. I only ever once looked after a cat - as a favor for a friend who was going away at Christmas. By the time the kitten had stripped every bauble off our Christmas tree I was in love with the little blighter! It was hard to give him back.

  2. Awwww. They do have a way of enchanting hapless non-cat people, don't they? LOL

  3. I've always been a cat person rather than a dog person, but currently don't have any pets at all. I miss them. We've promised the kids we'll get chickens - pets who are useful. :)
    And thanks for the mention! Always a pleasure. :)


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