Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy birthday to GHOST PLANET (with giveaway of THE OPHELIA PROPHECY)

One year ago today, Tor released my debut novel, GHOST PLANET. I ate cupcakes, drank champagne, signed books while impaired, and wore a gigantic gold tutu.
See, I wasn't kidding.
What a year it's been! Some of the highlights include (as close as possible to chronological order):
  • GHOST PLANET's cover appeared in an RT Book Reviews list of cool covers for upcoming releases.
  • Authors Linnea Sinclair and Kat Richardson endorsed the book with glowing reviews. 
  • In my first ever printed review, Publishers Weekly called it: "an absorbing and exciting story full of science, sex, and intriguing plot twists."
  • RT Book Reviews gave it 4.5 stars and said "thoroughly impresses ... a pitch-perfect balance of a cohesive scientific vision with poignant, naked emotion."
  • Jack-O-Lantern approved
  • Co-bloggers Laurie and Donna joined me in Seattle for my first release party. (Too far for Pippa - a hop, skip, and a GIGANTIC jump.) 
  • The book was nominated for the 2013 RWA RITA Award for best first book, ON MY BIRTHDAY.
  • The book was named the main pick for April of the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club (created by actress/producer/writer Felicia Day) - also ON MY BIRTHDAY. 
  • Veronica Belmont (also of VF book club fame) named the book a suggested read for The Sword & Laser book club. 
  • The VF gals gave the book a super positive review on YouTube. I ate more cupcakes. 
  • The book was named one of the "best of 2012" by Regina Small, senior editor and reviews coordinator for RT
  • My agency sold audio rights to (for GHOST PLANET as well as my other two upcoming titles). 
Wow, what a great run. And we're just getting started! An audio book to come, and I'm still waiting for that movie deal. ;) 

My second book from Tor (THE OPHELIA PROPHECY) is due out in less than six months, and I'm working on revisions for a third book (ECHO 8). (Have a brand-new project in the works as well - stay tuned for more on that.) 

OPHELIA is a post-apocalyptic biopunk romance about some sexy transgenics and an archivist with a dangerous secret. E8 is a near-future, multiverse romantic suspense that explores possible connections between quantum physics and psi (also a Bermuda Love Triangle between a parapsychologist, an FBI agent, and an energy vampire). 

Thanks for joining the party! We have a door prize: Leave a comment for a chance at winning a signed ARC of THE OPHELIA PROPHECY (official release: April 1), hot off the presses. SO hot the only person in possession of one at this point is Jessica Subject, who won it in my first giveaway. [Usual fine print on this one: US and Canada only, so as not to require me to apply for a loan to ship it. And DON'T FORGET to leave your email address in your comment if you want to be included.]

Good luck! 
Tor Books - April Fool's Day, 2014


  1. Well,I hope I don't have to wait till April to read it! Just re-read Ghost Planet this week--still love it. Write faster. ;-) Karen Kolavalli,

  2. Absolutely love your cover art. yttar2 @

  3. Aw, thanks Karen! :)

    Yttar - yes, I have been lucky with both my Tor covers!

  4. I loved Ghost Planet and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Both of your next books have great premises. Can't wait to read them.

    mymiddleyears [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Don't enter me (being a cohost and all) but I'm so excited to be sharing the fun of GPs first birthday. What a year it's been for you since that rockin book launch party in Seattle!

  6. Sooo excited to read your next book! It seems like forever since I read Ghost Planet. Thanks so much for the give away:)

    tamsparks (at) att (dot) net.

  7. BTW LOVE the pics. That tutu was too cute and I love Mr Punkinhead busy reading.

  8. Happy release day birthday to your book and to you! It's been fun to see your adventure in publishing! So happy for all your success. :-)

  9. dsivei 108Looks great!

  10. Congratulations! It's a wonderful book and I am glad it is doing so well. Can hardly wait to read Ophelia!

  11. I loved Ghost Planet and I'm very much looking forward to reading more from you. :-)

  12. No sequel to Ghost Planet?
    Was looking forward to more from that world.

  13. The Ophelia Prophesy sounds pretty cool. I hopped over and checked out the excerpts. Another to put on my TBR list. :)

  14. Oops. I suppose I shoulda added this:

  15. Thanks so much, everyone, for the kind words and good wishes! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I'll draw for the ARC on Sunday . . .

  16. Hi M_fitz! I do have a sequel in mind for GHOST PLANET. I hope I will get the opportunity to write it! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

  17. Okay, Karen won the drawing for the signed ARC. Thanks to everyone who dropped by and joined the fun!

  18. Glad to read this awesome post. Our graduation party was planned at one of the nearly located San Francisco venues couple of months back. Had a great time celebrating our wonderful achievements with friends. Cupcakes and cuisines were quality ones and preparation was mind blowing.


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