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I've finally seen it

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The Movie, that is. Star Wars seven. I waited until it was out in DVD and snapped it up when it appeared in the supermarket. $25. Woohoo. (Of course, later I found it in the rival supermarket for $23, and somewhere else for $20. Hey ho. That's life.

At the time of writing I've watched the movie twice, the first time on the little telly in the bedroom, the second time on the whizz-bang kit in the (seldom used) lounge room. Now, you'll all know I'm a born again Star Wars fan. So what was my verdict?

It's very hard to write this without spoilers, but I'll do my best. Suffice to say I found the lack of originality astonishing. Yes, I understand Abrams had to draw in the old die-hards like me, while at the same time catering for a fresh new crop of fans. But honestly, did he have to start yet again on a desert planet? And and and... I'll stop now.

Heroes - I like Rey. She's tough and feisty and her character is cleverly sketched in early scenes. Finn will undoubtedly develop into something more and we didn't see enough of Poe for me to comment. I thought the dialogue between Han and Leia was great, sketching in thirty years in a few sentences.

Villains - General Hux is a total nothing. He's unconvincing as a leader, and as a villain. Kylo Ren without his mask reminds me of Severus Snape with a side of childishness. I suppose he's trying too hard to emulate his hero. The sinister Supreme Leader Snoke is much more interesting. I have my own theories about this enigmatic character - but we shall see.

I'm sorry to say this, but I almost preferred the prequels to this movie. I'll no doubt watch it again. But I have to say, I hope SW8 is a bit better than this effort. I'd give it a 2.


  1. I'm going to disagree with most of that (but hey, it would be boring if I didn't, right?). Unoriginal, yup, but I loved the nostalgia. I think Rey's amazing, and she finally got my daughter interested in SW, so that was a huge, huge plus for me. Han and Leia were great. Finn I'm dubious about, but I agree we didn't see enough of Poe. Kylo Ren was the biggest let down for me and my monsters - bratty Anakin all over again, but at least they're not trying to cram in an unrealistic romance there I suppose. I did like the interaction between him and Hux, especially when Hux dropped Kylo in it with Snoke about abandoning pursuit of the droid (please, sir, Kylo let the droid get away!). I actually liked Hux as a villain. His almost foaming at the mouth fanaticism as he gave a pre-launch speech to his men actually gave me a shiver.
    But nearly as bad as the prequels? Nuh uh. However, I expect a hell of a lot more from 8 because Disney played it completely and utterly safe with 7 (well, aside from the central character being a, shock, horror, ew, girl and a black Stormtrooper) but frankly I don't blame them. It's a bit like when Doctor Who returned after 20 years. I'd hate to have been the person responsible if a horde of furious Whovians didn't like it, and Disney know what a massive fanbase SW has.

  2. I'm glad you said this. I just watched it yesterday. Boy, was I disappointed.

    It was like a reboot without all the charm and originality of the original. No chemistry between Han and Leia. The villains had no depth or enough back story.

    Rey, Fin, and Poe were nice additions, but the older characters looked like they were forced to phone it in.

    Maybe I expected too much from all the hoopla. I'm sorry I bought the dvd.

  3. Wow. My score was more like an 8. In many ways it felt like Han's line: "We're home!"--but there was one part of the movie that shook me so badly I wasn't sure I wanted to see any more SW sequels. (You know the part I mean.)

    After a discussion with several Brigaders in The Chat Room Awakens private Star Wars discussion, I came to understand exactly why the arc had to take this course. At that point, I accepted and understood it.

    I thought most of the older characters were great, for the few glimpses we had of them--Leia, R2, C3PO, Luke--but Han and Chewie stole the show for me. They were amazing!

    LOVED, loved, loved Rey. And the scene with the lightsabre stuck in the snow...major awesome. Kylo's barely-in-control character worked for me, because it harkened back to the loss of control and self-centeredness that was Anakin--yet Kylo worshipped Darth Vader. Darth was much more in control, and maybe that's what Kylo is working toward...and failing utterly.

    Finn I couldn't get an emotional fix on. Sometimes a joker, sometimes serious, sometimes sympathetic--his character was all over the place. Pick one, and BE that, Finn. Poe we didn't see enough of, though he's compelling enough. I liked BB-8, but he's just a smaller, cuter version of R2D2 trying to hard to be something else.

    In a recent interview, Daisy (Rey) said Luke's role in SW8 is awesome. Here's hoping the rest of the film is too.

  4. Just goes to show we're all different. It really was hard to make too many comments without huge spoilers. I thought Han and Leia were great, too - just in case you doubted it. But I'll add that was 2 out of 5, not 10.

  5. I think on that scale my score would be a 4. Yes, a lot of different opinions and takes on this one. I did feel maybe it was a little TOO close to the original in some aspects, but was so delighted to be back in this universe with a movie that captured its essence, I could overlook it.

    Oh, and hearing that score and those themes again. Goosebumps! (Did anyone notice in one of the scenes with Rey, Luke's Theme was playing very quietly in the background? Hint, hint?)

    1. Yes, I noticed. Every time they snuck in some of the original music I choked up!

    2. However, I read an article that said NEITHER of Rey's parents appeared in TFA. Whether it's true or her parentage is some big deal to be kept secret until the end...


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