Monday, September 29, 2008

Han Solo for President!

Tired of politics as usual?

How about the Han Solo/Chewie ticket for '08!

Were you a Hiliary Clinton supporter? Standing with Sarah Palin? Princess Leia might be your choice, with her ominous campaign slogan: This is our most desperate hour.

You want experience in the White House? Yoda is in the running, too. Check out his bumper sticker: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

You lean toward the Dark Side? Yes, Darth Vader is making his presence known. Check out his spiffy campaign mug. His platform? "Together we can rule the galaxy."

There are several other characters to choose from. Check out the entire selection of Stars Wars Election items at Zazzle.

(And hopefully this is as close as I ever get to making a political statement on my blog!)

Disclaimer: Spacefreighters has no connection to nor does it receive any profit from these items. Although we tend to steer away from any sort of product endorsement--except books, of course--these were just too fun and timely not to share.


  1. Very funny Laurie. I'm all for dropping the gun toking Palin into the death star. I'm sure the color of her neck will be appreciated there.

  2. ahh, just to be annoying I checked to see if I could be dishonest. Yes. I wasn't locked out. I voted for the motto thing twice. I'll go back to quietly lurking now that I've got McCain standing guard...Oh wait, Oh no, he's been taken prisoner. Thought you locked up Kahn? Great. Now we'll hear about this captivity for a decade or two. Yes...sorry. I'm standing in the corner.

  3. ROFL Arlene. Kahn kidnapped McCain? I didn't get the memo! Whew...good thing there's no Kahn for President propaganda out there or I'd really be worried.

    And yes, Motto Poll was intentionally configured so you can vote early and vote often. hehe Majority Rules? Well here on Spacefreighters Lounge we play by different rules. Frequency Rules! *smirk*

  4. Oh good, I voted twice by accident. Now I won't feel guilty and click away.


  5. LOL Jess. Have at it. It's a perk of being a frequent flyer. :)

  6. I have an interesting bit of info about Chewies fur - it was provided by my next door but one neighbour - John Cox. He owned a mill and the film people came looking for something suitable to use for Chewbacca. John had a pile of yak fur he didn't know what to do with. He was going to toss it but they bought it. Paid a good price too!

  7. that's pretty cool, Flick. Not only do you live by a bunch of sheep, there's a famous Yak nearby too.
    My neighbors are soooo boring. My brothers. No wonder I read, write, nothing else.

  8. lol, I get such a kick out of stuff like that. Very telling that there's so much of it in this particular political climate.


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