Monday, September 29, 2008

Test Drive a Starship

OK, what's a celebration without a little product promotion? Our little Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week has brought in some of the most famous captains in the galaxy...and their rides.'s your chance!

There's a whole row of shiny starships lined up just waiting for a test drive from our guests. Which one will you grab and take for a spin around the solar system?

1. The Millenium Falcon

2. Colonial Viper

3. The Enterprise

4. Serenity (Firefly series)

5. An X-Wing Fighter

6. Space Shuttle Atlantis

7. The Nostromo

8. Battlestar Galactica

9. Slave 1

10. The Galileo shuttle

11. Imperial Star Destroyer

12. Voyager

13. Delta Flyer

Don't see what you're looking for? Turn in a request. I'm sure we must have one parked, docked or orbiting around here somewhere.


  1. I want to test drive the Falcon. Don't mind me if I kick the tires first though. That ship brings a whole new meaning to excitement. Nothing like the excitement of your ship falling apart on you mid battle. She's a beautiful old bird though.


  2. Sorry for the "thoughs". I tend to repeat myself when tired, and I've reached a new dimension of sleep deprivation. Oh well.


  3. Serenity is mine, please, please, please. River can co-pilot, she makes me laugh, and Mal can watch our backs. Yippee, here we go...leaf in the wind.

  4. *waves her number*

    I'm next in line after Jess. I chose the Falcon too. Fast, armed with twin ion cannons and plenty of room for a few friends.

    For sheer excitement, I think Serenity would probably be a heart stopper. You know how those buffer panels tend to fly off entering orbit. And those dual swivel side-thrusters...well, they can do all sorts of intriguing maneuvers. Um, yeah, okay Arlene...Leaf in the wind. hehe

    A viper might be fun, though.

    And a Star Destroyer. *does Tim Allen grunt* More power.

    Hey, how did the Death Star escape this line up? Well, come to think of it "small moon-like station" probably doesn't qualify as a ship. And test drives could result in another mass distinction. Um...ours.

  5. My vote is for The Nostromo. I love the exposed conduit look.

  6. Not to mention the fantastic stereo system in the shuttle, Heather.

    And then as an added bonus...Captain Dallas. :)

  7. Can I have the Delta Flyer? I like fast and agile.

    Like Tom Paris.

  8. You bet, Robyn!

    *runs off to recruit a Delta Flyer for the line up*

  9. Delta Flyer. Fast, sleek, and a fabulous honeymoon destination.

  10. I thought about the Falcon, but I'm a quick fire girl myself so I'll go for an Xwing or a Viper thanks Laurie. Too many people on the Galactica and the Imperial Star Destroyer...

  11. I claim The Enterprise. It's fast, comfortable, and it has holo-decks. The bar is a bit too well behaved for my taste. My first order shall be for the bar to actually have drunks in it! Can't have a bar without drunks. Guinan - you're fired. Heather - you're hired.

    Hmmm. Who shall I make my Number? This is a difficult decision. I must mull!


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