Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ten Reasons Why New Mexico is Science Fiction Paradise

Here's my Saturday Fun Post: Ten (of many) reasons why I think New Mexico is Science Fiction Paradise. (Yeah, what can I say. It's no secret I'm very proud of my state.)

1. VLA - The Very Large Array listens to the stars. Featured in movies like 2010 and Contact.

2. It's very cool for a writer to live in a place that can't decide which century it wants to exist in.

3. The atomic age dawned here, and with it phrases like Manhattan Project and Trinity site.

4. The personal computer was invented here.

5. Roswell. Nuff said!

6. Starry, starry nights. It's easy to be inspired to write about the stars when you can see them. Low light pollution, often cloudless skies. I sometimes gaze at the Milky Way and watch satellites zooming overhead.

7. Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs are on the cutting edge of technology.

8. Moonscapes! White sands. The Bisti Badlands. The Jornado del Muerte.

9. The film industry is hot here. From Wild Hogs to No Country for Old Men, and scenes from Indiana Jones.

10. Every notice how many science fiction novels mention New Mexico? It's galactic central. :)


  1. Albuquerque is one of the coolest cities I ever visited. I passed through a couple times during cross country trips, but I just remember being so jazzed about being there.

    Speaking of Roswell, Laurie have you seen Six Days in Roswell? I loved that documentary ("Do you like Styx?" is my favorite line!)

  2. Heather, no, I haven't seen Six Days in Roswell. I'll have to look that one up. Do you like Styx? Uh...the band? LOL

  3. New Mexico??? It snows there! I'm allergic to snow. I'm allergic to temperatures that drop below 60F. Besides, living in hurricane alley gives me plenty of fodder for chaos for the characters. :o)

  4. LOL Just Me. Yeah, I'm allergic to snow too. That's why I moved here from Michigan. Wait! It snows in New Mexico? OMG, yes it does. I didn't get the memo in time.


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