Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where's the Juice?

Content Warning: Ramble ensues

My writing has suffered this week. So have my blogs. (Didja notice?) Just no creative juices flowing. With the change of after-work atmosphere from brilliant New Mexico evening sky to dark and stormy night, and the step-up of problematic professional processes (nice alliteration, eh?) at the office, all my energies were diverted from my quest to master a couple of wayward WIPs. (How's THAT for a long, convoluted sentence? Disclaimer: I am a professional. Don't try this at home.)

I did, however, find the energy to battle a Black Widow insurgent last night, cleverly dug in around my door frame. The threat has been annihilated with the use of chemical weapons and plastics (i.e. a flyswatter). It's amazing what a little well-timed terror and disgust can do for energy levels.

But I digress. What was the topic again? Oh yes. Where's the juice?

*sigh* Sadly lacking. Fall is almost here, so out go the distractions of summer only to be replaced by the temptation of NaNo WriMo. For the uninitiated, that's National Novel Writers Month, aka November, when thousands of misguided writers attempt to write an entire novel--or six, in the case of my Toasted Scimitar co-blogger Mercwriter last year. (Scary part is, she almost pulled it off.) Things get real quiet while NaNo WriMo is in full swing, but for the third straight year, I've decided to forego this exercise in craziness to focus my attention elsewhere. Namely, on wrestling these two alligators (okay, one's more like an anaconda), otherwise known as my works in progress, my WIPs. My goal is to have three market draft SciFiRom novels ready to pitch, push, and otherwise propagandize (is that a word?) at the RT Booklovers' Convention in April. Provided [insert winking smiley face] some brilliant editor hasn't snapped one or more up in advance of that event.

Some serious leave time starts very soon, and hopefully my juice and/or muse will make its presence felt by then.


  1. I know! Whenever you're stuck in a scene, just insert a passage about your encounter with that Black Widow!

    Heck, I'd read it!

  2. LOL. You liked that playback, huh? I think I found a new cardiovascular exercise: Come face to face with a Black Widow dangling in your doorway. ACK! Definitely works to elevate the heart rate for an extended period of time.

  3. Spiders? *Shivers* I hate spiders. Want to dispatch the monsters in my crawl space????

  4. Um, no thanks Dawn. Your account of that operation was chilling enough for me. LOL

  5. OK, I had to go track down Dawn's "Spider Assault Adventure" at Take it the the Stars. What'd I tell ya? Chilling! Horrible! *shudders" And I only had to deal with one little ol' Black Widow.



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