Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Tuesday Morning Jaunt

My distraction for the day was a little jaunt over to Atomic Romance to tune in to Robert J. Sawyer's three-part YouTube rant:

A Galaxy Far, Far Away My Ass: How Star Wars Ruined Science Fiction

Why read rants when you can hear 'em and get the visuals!

Disclaimer: The posting of this link does not imply endorsement of or agreement with the subject matter by the management!


  1. I tuned out half way through the first part. Did he ever get to his point?

  2. Just me, in a nutshell, he apparently believes Star Wars caused the degradation of Science Fiction.

    Among other gems in his long-winded rant, he branded Han a drug runner (for his mention of dumping a load of "spice"), and Luke and his uncle as slave owners, comparing the buying of droids (which he described as "feeling, sentient beings") with restraining bolts to buying slaves with mannacles.

    Personally, I thought the parallels he drew were amusing and "stretchy" at best, but it's always thought-provoking to see things from a different POV.

    Thanks for your comment. :)


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