Sunday, September 28, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

Welcome to Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week!

What is it? It's a celebration, a conference, a sounding board, and an information exchange all rolled into one.

This week, we're not going to just talk about Science Fiction Romance, we hope to share ideas, opinions, news, events, and issues with you, the readers, writers, fans of our fantastic little subgenre.

The schedule? There is none. That's the beauty of an online celebration. Come when you can and see what's up and what's happening.

We'll begin bright and early Monday morning with Meet and Greet. This is for introductions, a chat, whatever you'd like it to be. Sound off and tell us a little about yourself, post your blog or site links, tell us what you've read or published, recommend other sites, ask questions, make comments, get in discussions, have fun!!!

So, with no further delay, let the opening ceremonies BEGIN...


  1. Kimber An leans back against the bar, chocolate milk in hand.

    Kahn from Star Trek swaggers up to her, grabs her around the waist and smooths her hair back. "I shall sweep you away in my spacecraft and make passionate love to you among the stars."

    Kimber An yawns. "So what?" She tries to pull away but he clutches her tight.

    "I shall press my searing kiss to your luscious lips."

    "I shall press my heavy snow boot to your family jewels in one swift kick and you'll never sire a genetically enhanced offspring." Opting for the knee kick instead, Kimber flattens him to the ground with elbow to his spine. "I'm from Alaska and I'm married. What's your excuse?" She takes her chocolate milk and walks away, muttering, "Probably can't even change diapers. Wimp."

    Han Solo walks by with Baby Anakin propped on his shoulder.

    "Now, there goes a real man." Sigh. "But, I already have a studmuffin pilot of my own."

  2. *ducks*

    Oh my, we only just kicked off the ceremonies and Kimber An is already brawling in the aisles. Yep, they grow 'em tougher in Alaska.

    *calls in First Aid for Kahn*

    *watches Han Solo walk by*

    Um, yeah, I see what you mean about real men. *admires baby-toting blaster-carrying ex-smuggler*

  3. Kimber points thumb at Kahn being helped up. "He started it."

  4. Here's hoping the bruised and jilted Kahn will give up on Alaskan mamas who seem to be happily married, and take on a job lazering anyone who comes into work next week to interrupt my watching fireworks, reading chats, and maybe even some, god forbid, fresh writing next week.
    Cool fireworks.

  5. *security unsuccessfully tries to recruit Kimber An and then escorts Kahn off to detention*

    Whew! *dusts off palms*

    Arlene, thanks for dropping by. We have lots of things planned for the week, and if the Opening Ceremonies are any indication, it should be a lively, rowdy week.

  6. lol, there's no way I can top you gals so I'm not even going to try!

    Can't wait to dig into some sweet SFR stuff. And ogle Kahn's enormous pecs.

  7. OOooooOOOOoooh!

    Should we have a Male SFR MC Enormous Pecs Contest?

    *wiggles eyebrows*

  8. No, no, no, not Kahn. Didn't you see the ST voyager episode when Tuvok took his shirt off?

  9. LOL, you guys are cracking me up. I thought we were doing introductions, not starting brawls.

    Remind me not to mess with Kimber an.


  10. Natalie hides behind the bar with the good doctor and laughs at the toughness of Alaskan women, perhaps she is Ridleys great grandmother? Her interest is piqued when Palmer Joss walks passed, she temporarily loses interest in the doctor to drool over Palmer.... but then knows a good thing when she's onto

  11. Dawn, checking in from the library. Internet blackout sucks!
    Whoo hooo! *Pulls popper, gets ugly looks from library lady*

    Anxious to see what comes next.
    Post away O Galactic Diva of SF Lounge.


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