Saturday, May 26, 2018

Final Days to Support ALS Research!

Two of my cobloggers -- Pippa Jay and Greta van der Rol -- and I want to remind you that time is running out on helping to support ALS Research via our Blue Book Cover Brigade. Our fundraiser ends the last day of May.

Long story short, there are several ways you can help, and we'd be grateful for whatever way you decide you can chip in.

Here are six different ways you can help us raise money to fight ALS right now:

- Buy Inherit the Stars on Amazon. For every e-book purchased, I'll donate a minimum of 25% to the ALS Association, so you get a great book to read at $3.99 and at least $1.00 of that will be donated. If you prefer your books in hard copy, I'll donate a minimum of $5 for every print book sold.

- What's that? You've already read it? No problem! You can also buy any of my peers' books. See the Blue Book Cover Brigade Page for all participating books and links. Same deal. They'll donate a minimum of 25% of their sales.

- Make a direct donation by credit card on my ALS Associate Blue Book Cover Brigade personal page which you can find right here: Laurie A. Green. Look for the red button in the upper right that says "Donate Now." No amount is too small.

- Prefer to make a donation by check? You can do that, too. Go to My Page and scroll down to find the link in blue letters that says: Prefer to make a donation by check? Click here for a printable donation form!

- Or, make a direct donation to any of my peers' pages. You can find their names listed HERE. Click their name for the link to their personal campaign page.

- Don't feel you can make a donation? We understand. You can still help us by sharing this blog or the Blue Book Cover Brigade Fundraiser Page or the Blue Book Cover Brigade Landing Page on social media or in messages to your friends.

And if you've already donated, you have my sincere thanks! This campaign is very special to me for many reason, but I explained two important ones in this video.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great post, Laurie! Come on everybody, do what you can to help.


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