Thursday, May 24, 2018

Whoops - I forgot

Me at 3
Sorry, folks. I'm a bit late in posting. You see, I'm messing about with my website from back to and then back to on a different host, and it was all messy and everything. And... let's face it, I forgot.

News this week - Solo: A Star Wars Movie is on in the theatres. No, I won't be going. I'll wait until I either go overseas or it appears in the shops.  Actually, I've done the same with Black Panther ;). But it does look like it will be a fun, action-packed adventure. A lot of people seem to be enjoying it.

I've started reading Ready Player One after all the good vibes from the movie (which I haven't seen). The world-building is interesting. I've alreay encountered a couple of 'hmm' moments. But it's a great dystopian setting. It's also (IMO) a great example of a very successful book which does not start right into the action. It's all about the setting, grounding the reader in that world. YES! (Punches air with fist). And, of course, I'm old enough to catch quite a few of the '80's references. That was the decade I became a compuer programmer.

What with one thing and another I haven't done much fiction writing - although I have been delving into family history. These days, everybody's got a phone that takes pictues and videos. Family history is everywhere. Even on Facebook it's so easy to see what you did ten years ago. But that's not true for my generation. I've been going through creased black and white - or sepia - photo of my mother and father and my siblings. They're few and far. No videos, of course. And unless somebody does something with them, adds names to faces, gives context, they'll just be a bunch of old photos in a chocolate box. All but one of my siblings are dead, and I have a writing skill. So I'm creating a document to give some idea of what life was like for my immediate family, relying mainly on my memories - which have faded over time. It's been interesting looking back. The process becomes all-consuming. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this incident or that, reliving good times and bad. Good times are a burst of white light and sunshine, the details lost in a happy haze. The bad times are harsh sketches in black and white, details lost in shade and sorrow.

And I shall end with some photos - just because.

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  1. Wow! Somehow I missed this post, Greta. Loved your photos too, as always. That last were just seeing if we were paying attention, right? LOL


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