Friday, May 11, 2018


Hi, faithful readers. I'm coming to you even more virtually than usual this week, as I enjoy a long-awaited vacation cruising the Danube in Hungary, Austria and Germany! Since it's not easy to post from aboard my cruise ship, I've left this snapshot of the gorgeous North Carolina setting of my upcoming release, Not Fade Away, Interstellar Rescue Series Book 4, and a little snippet to put it in context. Enjoy!

Rafe gazed at the alien landscape. So many trees!  Mountains rolling like waves on the Sea of IzRa, with no cities to break their progress. The little town, an island in that vast ocean of green, its all-human inhabitants huddled together in modest homes and joined with the rest of the world by the thinnest of threads.

Rafe had grown up on Terrene, in a dense urban warren of sentient life—human and nonhuman, former slaves and traders and Rescue agents and all sorts of others.  As he’d gone out in the galaxy he’d seen any number of worlds, but few as lush—or as isolated—as this one. Earth still slumbered in her ignorance of the rest of the galaxy, despite the ongoing tragedy of the alien Grays and their abductions.  

Slaves taken in the night. Rescue trying desperately to get them back. A battle raging across the stars—and this little hamlet that would be his home completely unaware of it.

Cheers, Donna

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